Journal 379

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Print version available in Febuary 2023

10 Armando Milani / Italy Intro by Giuseppe Liuzzo
“Armando’s work is, time after time, centered on a compelling concept. the idea is shaped in such a way by the form that it easily Communicates meaning to the viewer.” —Roger Remington, Former Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design, Rochester Institute of Technology

24 Rose / UK Intro by Jim Sutherland
“Rose has a wonderful body of work, consistently executed, that demonstrates a real passion for the craft.” —Tom Hingston, Founder, Hingston Studio

38 John Gravdahl / USA Intro by Denise Burson Freestone
“John Gravdahl’s multi-generational impact on aspiring graphic designers is immeasurable. It was such an honor to learn from him for over three semesters during my time at Colorado State University.” —Justin England, Graphic Design & Communications Coordinator, CSU Nancy Richardson Design Center

54 Greenhaus / USA Intro by Dana Tynan
“I’ve worked with Greenhaus on a variety of projects. Their team took the time to understand the unique needs of each project and developed cutting-edge marketing and sales tools that exceeded my expectations.” —Annisa Heinrich, President, Third Eye Marketing

68 Andreas Franke / Austria Intro by Blake Pearson
“I had the privilege of working with Andreas in Vienna, Austria. His exceptional attention to detail, seamless teamwork, and passion for cutting-edge technologies resulted in mesmerizing, perfectly produced images.” —Tolga Buyukdoganay, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Amsterdam

82 Beth Galton / USA Intro by Sally Herman
“With an alchemy of aperture, Beth crafts visuals that transform the acceptable into the exceptional. Furthermore, she is a generous collaborator who I eagerly await working with again.” —CJ Santaniello, SVP/Creative Director, Havas Village X

98 Victo Ngai / Hong Kong & USA Intro by Gail Gaynin
“Victo’s work is effortlessly unique. Each element is harmoniously composed to create illustrations that move like water.” —Steve Attardo, Creative Director, W.W. Norton & Company

112 HondaJet Elite II by Honda Aircraft Company Written by Maxim Sorokopud
114 Merlin Light LSA by Aeromarine LSA Written by Maxim Sorokopud
116 Adastra by McConaghy Boats Written by Maxim Sorokopud
118 Inlet by Oru Kayak Written by Maxim Sorokopud

122 Lè Architecture by Aedas Written by Maxim Sorokopud
124 The Glamping Unit by STROHBOID Written by Maxim Sorokopud

128 Taylor Shipton, Penn State University / USA Intro by Joel Priddy
“Taylor’s ability to see the potential in an idea and her willingness to work with students to nurture the best possible solution makes her an exceptional educator.” —Emily Burns, Designer & Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Pennsylvania State University

Cover Image: War-Peace by Armando Milani