Journal 378

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10 Jones Knowles Ritchie / USA, UK, & China Intro by Eddie Revis
“Working with JKR is an absolute Joy. Their drive for the best possible solution comes with a passion for excellence that is infectious.”—Red Godfrey, VP Creative, Nordstrom Rack

22 Holger Matthies (Graphis Master) / Germany Intro by Jianping He
“Holger Matthies works with an anachronistic obsession with detail. Basic rules and guiding principles of visual communication are undermined. Beyond the tables of laws of the zeitgeist and the flat patterns of habit, he finds a new conspicuousness.”—Kurt Weidemann, Graphic Designer, Typographer, & Author

40 Steven Heller / USA Intro by Martin C. Pedersen
“Steven Heller is the most accomplished design historian who has ever lived. He has written more good books than most good designers have read.”—Stefan Sagmeister, Graphic Designer & Typographer, Sagmeister Inc.

46 Robert Talarczyk (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Glenn Russen
“What I’ve always admired about Bob is his passion and artistic vision. He is particularly good at finding the best creative solution to sell the client's products.”—Michael Newman, Former VP, ChromeWorks

62 Takahiro Igarashi / Japan & USA Intro by Emily Rudman
“Taka’s work is consistently outstanding. His lighting and composition subtly yet elegantly exposes the subject. Taka is fully committed to each project.”—Amy Fitzgerald, Art Director, Amy Fitzgerald Design

74 Cameron Davidson / USA Intro by Melissa Dale
“Cameron Davidson is a photographer's photographer, someone whose graphic style, spectacular aerials, and dramatic portraits are the envy of everyone I know.”—Eric Meola, Photographer

84 Felix Holzer / Germany Intro by Christian Raith
“His precise and minimalist compositions reveal the object’s beauty and symbolism. Constantly searching for magical and touching moments, Felix Holzer frequently anticipates design trends with his surprising sense of humor.”—Elmar Michael Elbs, Photographer

98 Daren Lin / USA Intro by Carlos Aponte
“Daren’s concepts are smart with a unique vision for how to show ideas. Every finished piece is a masterpiece.”—Monica Bussolati, Content Strategy Director, Bussolati

108 Piper M600/SLS by Piper Aircraft Inc. / USA Written by Maxim Sorokopud
110 Jetson ONE by Jetson / Sweden Written by Maxim Sorokopud
112 No Stress by Rossinavi / Italy Written by Maxim Sorokopud
114 RÄVIK Electric Surfboards by Awake / Sweden Written by Maxim Sorokopud

120 Casa Flotanta by Studio Saxe / Costa Rica Written by Maxim Sorokopud
122 MarAlto La Loica and La Tagua Cabins by Croxatto y Opazo Arquitectos / Chile Written by Maxim Sorokopud

126 Josh Ege, Texas A&M University-Commerce / USA Intro by Lee Hackett
“He is an outstanding professor and leads students to success with his teaching and critiques. Our students have won awards and gone on to professional practice with an exceptional understanding of design.”—Casey McGarr, Professor of Visual Communication, Texas A&M-Commerce

Cover Image: NARS Audacious Eau De Parfum, 2020; Photo by Takahiro Igarashi