Journal 373

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Softcover, 8.25" x 11.75", 1.7lb, 144 pages, ISBN 9781954632097

Design: We showcase the talents of Ron Taft (USA) with his versatile approach to typography and graphic design, Strømme Throndsen Design (Norway) for their award-winning package designs, and Mirko Ilić (USA), whose provocative posters and magazine covers are celebrated in NYC’s Museum of Modern Art.

Advertising features the legendary Amil Gargano (USA), presenting work that remains as impactful today as it was decades ago, proving the enduring power of great advertising.

Photography highlights Kah Poon (USA) for his genre-spanning portraiture that captivates and Rob Fiocca (USA), whose delectable food and drink photography tantalizes the senses.

Illustration introduces Dan Cosgrove (USA), whose Art Deco-inspired illustrations add a timeless elegance to contemporary media.

Education provides insights from Kevin O’Neill (USA) of Syracuse University’s Newhouse School, sharing his philosophy on nurturing future advertising talent.

Special Feature: A tribute to Graphis’ Chief Visionary Officer, Patti Judd (USA), celebrating her creative prowess and instrumental role in driving client success and invigorating the Graphis brand with her unparalleled energy and vision.

Be inspired, be informed, and join the celebration of creativity that endures. Beyond the pages, we invite you to explore Graphis Master portfolios, stay updated on competition entries, and discover more in our book and magazine store at

Cover Image: "Windex: Spotless" Professor: Kevin ONeill | Student: Giulia Giancola