Journal 369

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Softcover, 8.25" x 11.75", 1.7lb, 144 pages, ISBN 9781931241960

10 Finn Nygaard, (Graphis Master) / Denmark Intro by Christian Brorsen
"Finn exemplifies the Danish tradition of humility, allowing his work to speak for him, and it is no surprise that he is acknowledged and respected throughout the world." —Mervyn Kurlansky, Designer, Mervyn Kurlansky Design

22 Atsushi Ishiguro, OUWN / Japan Intro by Hisayukki Niitsuma
"Atsushi's work is precise, yet it seems to leave room to ignite people's imaginations. I believe that this is what attracts many people to his designs." —Ryutaro Miyoshi, Sake Miyoshi

36 FBC Design / USA Intro by Thomas Morrisey
"Doing shoots for network TV is never easy, but FBC always has a solid game plan, a great team, and leaves enough room to find unexpected pieces of magic." —Mathieu Young, Photographer

52 BVK / USA Intro by Steve Lyons
"BVK leveraged the strength of their entire team to develop some amazing ways to increase awareness for our brand. Their ideas were awesome and they executed them to perfection!" —Phil Sklar, Co-Founder and CEO, National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum

68 Erik Almas, (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Jim Erickson
"There is an elegant grace to Eric’s work. The images draw you in with a whisper that compels you to take a long breath, and linger in his world for a while." —RJ Muna, Photographer, RJ Muna Pictures (Graphis Master)

82 Colin Faulkner, (Graphis Master) / Canada Intro by Diti Katona
"Colin Faulkner is an artist before he is a photographer. He never ceases to amaze by always taking any project to the next level." —Sandy Kim, Principal and Creative Director, Aperkoo

98 Daniel Pelavin, (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Mary Zisk
“Daniel Pelavin has the unique ability to capture the retro qualities of type and lettering and bring the past alive—which he has achieved consistently for over four decades, with great skill, charm and passion.” —Louise Fili, Creative Director and Graphic Designer, Louise Fili Ltd.

126 Brad Bartlett and ArtCenter College of Design, (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Rudy Manning
“The time I worked with Brad as a Teaching Assistant was invaluable. He goes beyond the expectations of an educator..” —Yuma Naito, Former Student and Designer

Cover Image: Airplane for Danish Air Transport. Designed by Finn Nygaard